Enjoy our pasta dish of the week and a glass of wine for $35.

June is Pasta Month at Josef Chromy

June is Pasta Month

June is Pasta Month – “enjoy our pasta dish of the week and a glass of wine for $35”.

Brrr … it’s getting cold – just -1ºC whilst writing this post.

Award winning Josef Chromy Wines, introduces a special offer for the first month of winter, specialty pasta dishes.

Just browsing through the menu below is seriously making my stomach rumble.  I’m already deciding which one I’ll choose, but that in itself is a difficult choice.

Gnocchi has always been a big favourite for me, soft little fluffy pillows which will literally melt in your mouth if prepared & cooked properly.  The Chefs at Josef Chromy should nail this and with the addition of a sauce of duck ragu (or ragout), this would be a real winner in my books.

A close contender would be my second favourite pasta, orechiette (shaped like little ears, hence the Italian “orechiette” word meaning little ears).  The velouté sauce should be captured as little pools in the pasta and should prove to be buttery & creamy with the accompaniment of heavenly blue swimmer crab.  I expect the crab will be moreless shredded to suit the style of the dish.

I plan to visit these two pasta meals as I cannot possibly pass up the opportunity for an Italian indulgence.  Paired with a Josef Chromy wine, the very reasonable price of $35 will almost certainly be worth it.  Just cook it good, guys – and I’ll be happy!

Mon-Fri 1-9 June
Rigatone with braised lamb shoulder and pinot ragout, olives, gremolata, aged parmesan

Tues-Fri 13-16 June
Orechiette with blue swimmer crab, velouté, peas, zucchini, lemon, rocket, mint

Mon-Fri 19-23 June
House made Gnocchi with duck and tomato ragout, oregano, mushrooms, Grandvewe primavera

Mon-Fri 26-30 June
Spaghetti with Clarence River prawns, cherry tomatoes, chilli, garlic, basil, pangrattato

Pasta special is available for lunch Mon-Fri only, excluding Monday 12 June.

Menu items may be subject to change due to availability of produce.

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