500g                 pipis & mussels, cleaned
1 cup                white wine or water
500g                  squid tubes cut into rings
500g                  green prawns
1/3 cup             olive oil
3                          garlic cloves
1 tspn                chilli flakes
3                           tomatoes, finely chopped
1 tspn                 black pepper, freshly ground
250g                   cooked spaghetti
1/2 cup              parsley, chopped finely

Heat up water or wine in a saucepan until very hot, add pipis & mussels & cook till the shells open (discard any that don’t open).  Strain in a colander, keep the liquid stock, setting aside to use later in the dish.

Add the olive oil to a wok, heat up & add the garlic & chilli flakes.  When garlic turns white (don’t let burn),  throw in the prawns & calamari rings, tossing to combine the flavours.  Remove from pan.

Add the tomatoes to wok, add pepper, spaghetti, parsley & toss altogether to thoroughly combine.  Add the mussel/pipi stock, tip the seafood back in & serve.” ”>