Raspberry Farm Café - Elizabeth Town, Tasmania
HOURS: Sun-Mon. 7:00 am - 5:00 pm

Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm Café

Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm Café
9 Christmas Hills Road
(03) 6362 2186


Raspberry Farm Café is a real institution – loved by locals & visitors alike.

Situated on the main highway between Devonport & Launceston – the Raspberry Farm Café offers a varied menu, showcasing raspberries of course.



Sourdough Toast or Spiced Fruit Toast – 12
Handcrafted artisan sourdough with raspberry jam and raspberry butter, or spiced fruit toast with raspberry butter.

Classic Eggs & Bacon – Sml 17 / Reg 22
Local free-range eggs, bacon and house-made tomato relish on artisan sourdough. Eggs can be fried, poached or scrambled.

Eggs Benedict – 23
Raspberry hollandaise over free-range poached eggs on artisan sourdough, with your choice of bacon, smoked ham or spinach.

Chilli Scrambled Eggs – 22
Free-range eggs with confit spring onion, red capsicum, chilli, paprika and cayenne pepper, served on artisan sourdough.

Caramelised Banana Porridge – 19
Creamy rolled oats with caramelised banana, house-baked granola, walnuts, fresh berries and your choice of milk.

Cinnamon French Toast – 21
Golden thick-cut French toast with cinnamon sugar, fresh berries, maple syrup and dollop cream.


  • Tomato Relish – Rasp Hollandaise 3ea
  • Egg – Sautéed Spinach – Grilled Tomato 3 ea | Bacon – Hash Brown 4 ea | Sourdough Toast – Raspberry Beef Sausage 4 ea | Mushrooms – Grilled Halloumi 5 ea

Gluten-free (or option) Vegan (or option)


Soup of the Day or Pastry of the Day – 14
Ask about our soup of the day with sourdough, or our pastry of the day with a seasonal salad.

Grilled Tasmanian Salmon – 32
With basil pesto-infused soba noodles, carrot and roasted capsicum purée, cherry tomatoes, seasonal veg, raspberry hollandaise and balsamic glaze.

Grilled Chicken Burger – 25
Marinated grilled chicken on a toasted bun with Ashgrove Rubicon Red cheese, bacon, tomato, cucumber, lettuce and raspberry aioli. Served with salted roast potatoes.

Crispy Pork Belly – 32
With kaffir lime caramel sauce, cinnamon spiced apple, cauliflower purée, roasted chat potatoes and a crispy sweet potato crown.

Slow Cooked Lamb Salad – 26
Pulled lamb with cauliflower tabouli, pumpkin, cucumber, tomato, red onion, pepitas, sultanas, mesclun and a herb garlic Greek yogurt sauce.

Pulled Beef Bao Buns – 18 / 24
Slow cooked beef with star anise and sesame glaze, with crispy slaw on steamed buns. Choose either two or three buns.

Cauliflower Soft Shell Tacos – 17 / 23
Crispy fried cauliflower, avocado, lime, tomato, black bean, red onion, corn and coriander with a spicy chipotle mayo. Choose either two or three tacos.

Roasted Chat Potatoes – 15
Locally grown baby potatoes with sautéed onion, bacon, crème fraiche, spring onion and housemate strawberry chilli sauce

Raspberry Pancakes – Sml 14 / Reg 20
Fluffy pancake served with raspberries, raspberry ice cream, warm raspberry sauce and dollop cream. Gluten-free pancakes available (+1).

Raspberry Belgian Waffles – 19
Golden Belgian waffles served with raspberry ice cream, warm raspberry sauce, dollop cream and berries.

Raspberry Sundae – Sml 13 / Reg 19
With raspberries, raspberry ice cream, raspberry sauce, dollop cream and a crisp wafer.

Baked Raspberry Cheesecake – 13
Creamy baked raspberry cheesecake with a raspberry glaze, raspberry sauce and dollop cream.

Ice Cream & Raspberry Sauce – Sml 9 / Reg 13
Raspberry ice cream with warm raspberry sauce.

Raspberry Crepe – 17
Our house-made crepe with warm berries, raspberry ice cream, raspberry sauce and dollop cream.

Maple Banana Bread – 12
Walnut banana bread served warm with maple syrup, house cinnamon butter and raspberries.

Chocolate Raspberry Blondie – 12
Our white chocolate and raspberry blondie, with house raspberry sauce and dollop cream.


Scones – 10
Our sought-after classic scones, served with raspberry jam and dollop cream.

Muffin of the Day – 9
Ask about our muffin of the day, served with raspberry butter or dollop cream.

Natural Raspberries – Sml 9 / Reg 14
From the cane to you, we have left them as nature intended, plain and sweet.

Raspberries & Cream – Sml 10 / Reg 15
Fresh berries drizzeled with runny cream and dusted with confectionersʼ sugar.

Raspberries & Ice Cream – Sml 11 / Reg 16
Fresh raspberries with ice cream.

Natural Strawberries – Sml 6 / Reg 10
We have left them as nature intended, just sliced for your convenience.

Strawberry Whip – Sml 7 / Reg 11
The sweetest strawberries topped with whipped cream and dusted with confectionersʼ sugar.

Strawberries & Ice Cream – Sml 8 / Reg 12
Fresh strawberries with vanilla bean ice cream.

Mixed Berries – Sml 9 / Reg 14
A mix of our three favourites; raspberries, strawberries and blackberries.


  • Runny Cream
  • Dollop Cream
  • Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Raspberry Ice Cream or Sorbet


Fruit Smoothies – 11
Your choice of raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, blueberry or banana, blended with ice cream and milk.

Raspberry Lassi – 11
Blended raspberries, Tasmanian yoghurt, honey and milk.

Iced – 10
Your choice of raspberry, chocolate, caramel, vanilla or coffee, topped with ice cream and whipped cream.

Milkshakes – 9
Your choice of raspberry, chocolate, caramel, vanilla or coffee.

Raspberry Fizz – 11
Blended raspberry sorbet and raspberries with lemonade and soda. Add Tasmanian yoghurt to make it a Raspberry Swirl.

Simple Raspberry – 5.5
House raspberry syrup with your choice of lemonade or soda.

Raspberry Spider – 11
House raspberry syrup, raspberry ice cream and lemonade.

Iced Tea – 9
Your choice of lemon myrtle and raspberry or peppermint and raspberry.

Kombucha – 7
Raspberry and lemon.

Juice – 6.5
Your choice of apple and raspberry, apple or orange.


Coffee – Sml 4.7 / Reg 5.7
Cappuccino, latte, flat white, long black, espresso, macchiato, mocha or chai latte.

Raspberry Latte – Sml 5.2 / Reg 6.2
Standard latte with raspberry syrup and raspberry dust.

Plunger Coffee – 6
Served black or with milk.

Hot Chocolate – Sml 4.7 / Reg 5.7
Milk chocolate, white chocolate, raspberry milk chocolate or raspberry white chocolate.

Raspberry Affogato – 6
Vanilla ice cream with espresso, raspberry syrup and raspberry dust.

Tea – 5
Loose leaf pot served with or without milk. Bushells, English Breakfast, Earl Grey, lemon myrtle and raspberry, peppermint and raspberry, green, lemon myrtle, or peppermint.


  • Almond milk
  • Soy milk
  • Oat milk
  • Lactose free milk
  • Raspberry syrup


Raspberry Sparkling – 9
Sparkling wine with raspberry syrup.

Sparkling Raspberry Cocktail – 14
Sparkling wine and raspberry liqueur.

Margarita – 14
Raspberry sorbet with tequila, raspberry liqueur, lemon juice and our raspberry dust.

Red Cow – 14
Raspberry sorbet blended with milk, Kahlua and raspberry liqueur.

Raspberry Daiquiri – 14
Blended raspberry sorbet, syrup, Bacardi rum and raspberry liqueur.

Raspberry Mojito – Alc. 14 / Non-Alc. 7.5
Raspberry liqueur, Bacardi rum, lime and soda water served shaken with fresh mint leaves and ice.

Raspberry Crusher – 14
Raspberry sorbet combined with syrup, vodka, raspberry liqueur and soda.

  • Small Wonder Sauvignon Blanc
  • Broad Arrow Pinot Gris
  • Freycinet Riesling
  • Louis Freycinet Chardonnay
  • Milton Rosé
  • Holm Oak Shiraz Pinot Noir
  • Bream Creek Cabernet Merlot


  • Bruny Island Session Ale 500ml 2.8%
  • Ocho Happy Place Ale 375ml 3.5%
  • Morrison Brewery Pale Ale 375ml 5.0%
  • Morrison Brewery Irish Stout 375ml 4.7%
  • Spreyton Apple & Rasp Cider 330ml 3.5%
  • Spreyton Sour Cherry Cider 330ml 3.5%
  • Spreyton Vintage Apple Cider 330ml 7.5%
  • Spreyton Hard Ginger Beer 330ml 3.5%


Vodka and lemonade
Gin and tonic
Rum and coke
Whisky and coke
Bourbon and coke

Please notify our team of any allergies or dietary preferences when ordering. We will endeavour to accommodate all needs, however we canʼt guarantee the absence of allergen traces. 15% surcharge applied on public holidays.


The café shop offers gourmet chocolate coated raspberries, our signature product!
Fresh berries are sold when in season and frozen berries are available in the cooler months. Also available are house-made jams, sauces, syrups and many more berry inspired creations.