Letters to the Editor

Launceston Traffic Frustration

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Heads Up Launceston – Sunday 03 March 2024

“I am writing to express my frustration with the recent traffic measures implemented by the Launceston City Council. It seems that every time I hit the road, I encounter reduced speeds, longer wait times at traffic lights, and an overall slower traffic flow. These changes have not only inconvenienced commuters like myself but have also raised serious questions about the competence of our city council.
Reduced speeds might sound like a noble attempt at promoting safety, but in reality, they only serve to frustrate drivers and exacerbate congestion. I find myself crawling along roads that used to allow for smoother travel, all in the name of what appears to be misguided caution. Are we to believe that slowing traffic to a snail’s pace will magically prevent accidents?
Moreover, the prolonged wait times at traffic lights are simply unacceptable. It’s as if the council wants us to spend more time idling at intersections than actually reaching our destinations. This not only wastes valuable time but also contributes to increased pollution and fuel consumption, contradicting any supposed environmental benefits the council may claim to pursue.
The overall result of these ill-conceived measures is a city that feels like it’s grinding to a halt. Businesses suffer as customers struggle to navigate through the molasses of traffic, and residents are left feeling like hostages to the inefficiency of the council’s decisions.
The arbitrary and frequent changes to speed limits within short distances have become a source of confusion and irritation for drivers. It seems that every time we navigate our streets, we’re met with a new set of restrictions, making it nearly impossible to adhere to the law without constantly checking our speedometers. This inconsistency not only creates hazards on the road but also fosters a sense of distrust in the decision-making of the council.

Furthermore, the extended wait times at traffic lights have reached intolerable levels. It’s become a common occurrence to find oneself sitting at a seemingly endless red light, with no other vehicles in sight. This inefficiency not only wastes valuable time but also contributes to increased frustration among commuters who are simply trying to go about their daily lives.


Adding insult to injury are the roadworks signs that seem to pop up overnight, indicating reduced speed limits in areas where there are no workers in sight. It’s as if the council is playing a game of cat and mouse with drivers, forcing us to adhere to unnecessary restrictions for no apparent reason. This blatant disregard for the inconvenience caused to residents speaks volumes about the disconnect between the council and the people it claims to serve.
I urge fellow Launcestonians to join me in voicing our collective discontent with these misguided traffic policies. Have you experienced similar frustrations with the city council’s decisions?
How have these changes impacted your daily commute and overall quality of life?
It’s time for the Launceston City Council to prioritise the needs and concerns of its residents over bureaucratic red tape and ineffective traffic measures. Our city deserves leadership that listens and responds to its residents and reconsider these counterproductive traffic measures. Our city deserves better than gridlock and frustration at every turn.
I don’t think I am alone in my frustration. I urge other residents of Launceston to voice their opinions on these detrimental changes.
Have you experienced the same slowdowns and inconveniences?”


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