The Heads Up Launceston & Food Guide is in its 11th year of operation and continues to be the most read & referenced site for where to eat out in Launceston, Northern Tasmania & beyond.

Find the perfect spot to enjoy a culinary experience, a night out with friends or a simple coffee & cake.

Launceston has a myriad of dining places to satisfy all taste buds & desires together with cafés, coffee shops, takeaway venues and so much more.

We all eat out more often than ever, and when we do, we want an enjoyable experience.  Most consumers want to know “What’s on the Menu” as well, and we cannot underestimate the worth to have them included for as many venues as possible.   We’re paying good money for these foodie experiences so the menu will most likely be a factor in our choices.

Naturally, there are times when our eating out decision can be based simply on the restaurant’s reputation or the general cuisine they offer.   We are happy to venture in and try their latest seasonal menus but for many, it can be quite overwhelming so a sneak peek at the menu can really seal the deal on that choice.

We are an independent publisher, that seeks transparency and honesty with our reviews and publications of eating places, allowing the reader to gain an accurate insight into their forthcoming food & wine adventures.

We feel there is nothing more disappointing & delusional than having a lacklustre eating experience, so let’s give ourselves the best chance to make sure our time with family & friends is a memorable one.

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