Yacht Club Fifty Five

Yacht Club Fifty Five is a new addition to the restaurant scene in Launceston, as of November 2016.

Yacht Club Fifty Five Breakfast Menu

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7 reviews

  1. Disappointed

    Not good quality for money at all. Forgot one part of our meal. One of the waitresses was terribly rude. Overall a poor experience. Lift your game. It’s a beautiful setting, but tour poor service is ruining it. A smile goes a long way.

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  3. No winner for this foodie

    I left dinner with my friends feeling completely discriminated and overcharged considerably for basically a plate of overseasoned onion on burnt tacos. If a restaurant advertises vegan options then please have the respect to serve something that is edable. My non-vegan guests even thought my food was horrible. Will not be back. If you can’t be bothered putting in effort for food alternatives then don’t advertise it on your menu. The waitress on paying was just demanding payment and not interested in my experience. There are steak houses in Launceston that have more respect and know how to cook delicious veg. So big waste of money for me.

  4. Food very good, service average, after main course, waited 40 mins., wasn’t offered dessert or coffee so left , meanwhile mat’re de engaged
    In conversation with the males at the bar for 30 minutes .

  5. Waste of time and money, lots of it!

    Saturday morning breakfast: nobody else had any food on their table, then one table was served. We waited well over 45 minutes for our 2 meals, no other meals had been delivered during that time. When the food did arrive it was very poor quality, my “French toast ” was burnt and cold, it resembled more like fried burnt bread with a cold pear straight from the fridge and 3 blueberries, not quite $18 worth. The other dish was the cooked breakfast, this was clearly too much for the cook also, big price tag is fine if you get awesome good and service, not ok to charge that price for what we got and the wait of over 45 minutes. We were seated at a table that someone must have left earlier as it still had their coffee cups, the waitress did clear the cups away but failed to wipe down the table or provide new cutlery! We cleaned the table ourselves and took replacement cutlery off another table. You might assume the new owner would be greeting customers to her new restaurant but no, she sat on her laptop and didn’t even bother with a smile when she did walk past. The opportunity to be great was there but this was the worst breakfast experience we had in our memory.
    Also I disagree with a previous comment, the restaurant is very loud and is hard to hear your conversation. And we were there at breakfast, imagine dinner when people have had a wine or 2!
    Sorry but I will not waste my time or money on a return trip here.

  6. We were there same night interesting different viewpoints setting very good staff very helpful unfortunately wait for food was very long, and when it came the portions for entrees very small for prices likewise for mains, would try there again in a few months hoping they had improved as they have just opened and maybe not prepared for the amount of people in the restaurant .

  7. Best all round dining experience

    I have just left Yacht Club Fifty Five after what I can honestly say was one of the best all round dining experiences I have had. Considering they only opened this week and tonight was only their second dinner service I think this is going to be the new place to go.
    The meals- the bocconcini, tomato and pesto flat bread was a great starter. We shared between 3 but could do 4 also. Beautiful flavours that complimented each other perfectly. Hubby said the porterhouse was the best he has had. He always eats steak when out and this cut isn’t his favourite but he was suitable impressed and it was cooked perfectly. The vegetables, jus and the presentation were spot on. My herb crusted salmon brodetto was soooo good. I have had salmon many times before but never like this and I enjoyed it immensely, very moist and full of flavour. For dessert the salted caramel brownie was amazing, the best fudgie brownie you could imagine with a mousse and dressed with caramel popcorn and pretzels. I had the cookie cup affagato. Very cool to have the cookie cup instead of a glass. The consistency of the cookie was very heavy and needs perfecting but I am sure they will ace it, it is a fun way to present affagato.
    The service we received was spot on. Strangely I don’t think I have ever been given fresh napkins between dishes; tonight was a first and impressed me. We didn’t have to wait for anything; drinks offered as the glass was near empty, meals delivered quickly and our plates cleared promptly. A genuine desire for us to be happy with our meals and checked on to ensure we were happy.
    The venue; if you have been in the building before it was Yacht Club Fifty Five you will nearly not recognise it. Clean and crisp with a fresh modern feel I thought it was going to be noisy when a large group sat down near us but it wasn’t and I could have comfortable conversation over our meal.
    Huge apologies for the lack of photos, I fully intended to take some but totally forgot till each dish was polished off. You will have to go and see for yourself.

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