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Situated on the West Tamar side of the Tamar Valley Wine Route, Elmslie Tasmania enjoys extensive views to the water and surrounding valley.ELMSLIE TASMANIA

The Café & Function Centre is housed in an extension to the historical 1900’s Federation Homestead.

With wide airy verandas catering for alfresco dining, superb gardens within a unique, rural vineyard setting, Elmslie is the perfect spot for that special occasion.

Relax in the Café, which opens from Wednesday to Sunday and enjoy the fresh, country air and stunning views.  The menu places special emphasis on regional food and wine of the district.


Taster Plates $10 ea

  • Mushroom and thyme arancini and aioli (v)
  • Vegetable samosas with mango chutney (v)
  • Salmon and sweetcorn croquettes

Chips with rosemary salt and aioli $8

Main Plates

  • Winter chicken, leek and tarragon butter puff vol au vent $24
  • Roasted vegetable and Persian feta tart, and salad (v) (gf) $22
  • Salt and pepper squid salad with chilli lime dressing $24
  • Texan barbecued pulled pork on toasted brioche, crackling, house coleslaw and fries $25
  • Pumpkin, chickpea and coconut curry (v) (gf) $23
  • Slow roasted lamb timbale, ratatouille, potato crush (gf) $26
  • Boags beer battered fish with house chips, tartare and side salad $24
  • Smoked salmon, spinach and dill fettucine in creamy white wine sauce and crispy capers $24
  • Coconut lamb curry with papadums, mint raita and mango chutney (gf option available) $24
  • Burrito with chilli con carne, guacamole, sour cream and tomato salsa $23


  • Espresso coffee crème brulee $12
  • Warmed orange and almond syrup cake with ice cream (gf) $13
  • Sticky fig and date pudding with butterscotch sauce and ice cream $13
  • White chocolate and raspberry jelly cheesecake $13
  • Warm chocolate and hazelnut cake, vanilla anglaise and cream $14

Today’s specials – see board


Hot Drinks

  • tea: english breakfast, earl grey, peppermint, green, ginger and lemon, chamomile $4.5
  • coffee cup $4.5 mug $5
  • chai cup $4.5 mug $5
  • mocha cup $4.5 mug $5
  • hot chocolate mug $5
  • Decaf + 80c Soy milk + 80c         Syrup + 80c

Cold Drinks

  • coke, lemon squash, diet coke, coke zero, lemonade, orange juice $4.5
  • lemon, lime and bitters $5
  • ginger beer $5
  • milk shakes $6.5
  • iced coffee or iced chocolate $7.5

Tas Beer / Cider

  • Boags Premium Light $7
  • Boags Draught $7.5
  • Boags Premium $8.5
  • Morrison Pale Ale $9.5
  • Spreyton Classic Apple Cider (dry) $9
  • Spreyton Sweet Apple Cider $9
  • Spreyton Pear Cider $9
  • Beer Mainland / Imported
  • Pure Blonde Lager $8
  • Corona $9


Sparkling glass bottle

  • Yellowglen Yellow (house) $30
  • Devils Corner NV cuvee (Tamar Valley) $9 $40
  • A By Arras Premium Cuvee (Pipers River) $48


  • Devils Corner Pinot Grigio (Tamar Valley) $8.5 $38
  • Devils Corner Chardonnay (Tamar Valley) $8.5 $38
  • Holm Oak Sauvignon Blanc (Tamar Valley) $9 $43
  • Goaty Hill Riesling (Tamar Valley) $9 $43
  • Brown Brothers Moscato $8 $35


  • Devils Corner Pinot Noir (Tamar Valley) $8.5 $38
  • Goaty Hill Pinot Noir (Tamar Valley) $9.5 $45
  • Holm Oak Cabernet Merlot (Tamar Valley) $9 $43


5 reviews


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  3. Average but lovely day with friends

    Lovely view, excellent service, noisy echoing room
    Expected more than a plate of raw red cabbage for $23
    Ordered the Vietnamese chicken salad with coconut- had to search for the chicken and never did find the coconut. Nice sauce tho
    Ps I hate raw cabbage – just as well I’m on a weight watchers diet

  4. Paradise on the hill with views

    We met up with some friends in Legana and wanted somewhere nice and quiet to sit for a coffee and chat. Luckily I remembered Elmslie so we drove the short distance and found ourselves in a little hidden paradise on the hill. Despite the typical Tasmanian Spring weather we found sitting outside was very comfortable and the scenery amazing. Service was friendly and prompt, taking our coffee orders and making them while we decided what we would like from the menu. We were there before 11am and only wanted something light so chose 3 tasting plates off the menu; coconut prawns, salt and pepper calamari and chips with aioli. Instead of plating each thing individually they were presented combined on a platter which was perfect for our little group. Everything tasted fantastic but for me the highlight was the chips; perfectly crispy on the outside and light and fluffy inside puts them up there with the best. Serving sizes I thought were a bit on the small side but satisfied us for what we wanted.
    We will be back; a lovely spot to take visitors or meet friends. This will be the place to get to this Summer.

  5. Fabulous lunch - glorious views!

    I saw this place mentioned on a Facebook page, I think was mentioned by this website. Well, it was Heads Up something and it looked so good I thought I’d drag a girlfriend along. Wasn’t too hard to convince her and her and I are both so pleased we went.

    Firstly it is such a beautiful spot set up on the hill with water and country views. Off to a good start. We liked the relatively simple menu, simple good that is and nearly every dish appealed to our senses so making a choice was difficult.

    Ann chose the dish that we saw on the FB page being BBQ pulled pork on brioche. I know how much she enjoyed it as there wasn’t a skerrick of food left on her plate and she wouldn’t even share a bit of crackling with me 😡 I don’t blame her but I was really jealous listening to the crunch. I wasn’t as selfish allowing her to take a bite out of my tasty lamb burger (only to make her feel guilty for not offering me some crackling).

    The small wine list was ample and suited our likes. We were too full to try a dessert from the specials board but next time we shall definitely leave some room.

    All in all a great lunch and we will be recommending to friends, families & anybody else who’s looking for a delightful lunch in a relaxing place with glorious views.

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